Sununu Signs Bill That Tightens Voter Identification Requirements

Jul 11, 2017

Credit Vox Efx / Flickr Creative Commons

Governor Chris Sununu has signed into law a Republican-backed bill that adds new requirements for proving voter eligibility.

The law will require those registering within 30 days of an election to provide additional documentation, tightening the definition of domicile for voting purposes.

Sununu signed the bill into law with little fanfare Monday, choosing not to hold a ceremonial signing as he's done with other legislation.

Speaking in May on NHPR's The Exchange, Sununu pushed back on critics who argue the new law will make it harder for some people to vote.

“We have the first-in-the-nation primary. We have to make sure our process has complete integrity. There will be no voter suppression. If you voted legally in the last election, you’re going to be able to vote legally in this election.”

The law is set to take effect in 60 days.