Sununu Reverses Decision on FirstNet, Opting N.H. Back In

Dec 28, 2017

Governor Chris Sununu is reversing his decision to opt out of the national first responders network FirstNet.

Earlier this month, New Hampshire became the first state to opt out of FirstNet - a federal program designed to help first responders better communicate across the country.

But, on the last day for states to decide, New Hampshire was the only state to choose an alternative plan rather than sticking with the chosen provider AT&T

In a statement Thursday, Sununu said that although Rivada Network is the better option, "the additional risk associated with being the only state to opt-out creates too high a barrier for New Hampshire” to do it alone.

Under the AT&T plan, Sununu said the state will build 48 new cell towers across the state, providing better coverage for first responders and residents.