Shea-Porter Visits Shipyard; Hopes To Reverse Sequestration

Mar 25, 2013

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter
Credit Roger Wood

New Hampshire First District Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter says she sympathizes with federal government employees who face furloughs.

Shea-Porter, a member of the House Armed Services Committee met with the Commander and top union officials at the Portsmouth Navy Yard.  Afterwards, she told reporters that she has some optimism that partisan budget wrangling could end and sequestration could be reversed.

“I have great hope that the more that the members of Congress and people realize the impact, the negative impact that this sequester will have on the nation’s work that they will reconsider.

But she also concedes that sequestration could continue to impact federal employees, including the 5000 Navy Yard workers.

“If we were only to do this by cuts, if we only reduce the budget by cuts, without bringing in any revenue, then the sequester will probably stay in place.”

Shea-Porter also says that work on the fire-damaged USS Miami submarine will continue, because Department funds to pay for the $450 million dollar work were restored as part of the continuing resolution to keep the federal government operating.