Senate Weighs In-State Tuition For Children Of Undocumented Immigrants

Apr 22, 2014

Credit Kyle Todesca, UNH

Senate lawmakers are considering a bill that would grant in-state tuition at University System of New Hampshire schools to children of undocumented immigrants.

House lawmakers approved the bill in January, and it went before the Senate Education committee on Tuesday.

The legislation is only expected to affect a small number of students, but Representative Andy Schmidt, a Grantham Democrat, says it’s more about sending a message of acceptance.

“In America, we’ve never punished children for the sins of their parents.”

Opponents of the bill argue the state shouldn’t be giving benefits to people living in the country illegally.

To be eligible, students must have graduated from a New Hampshire high school or earned their high school equivalency in the state.

They must also have attended their high school for at least three years and be in the process of pursuing legal residency.