"Screenshots of Despair" Remind Us That On the Web, You Surf Alone

Apr 2, 2012

As I write today's entry for "Here's What's Awesome," I'm listening to a tune by Richard and Linda Thompson called "Lonely Hearts." The chorus speaks of lonely hearts in "an ocean of loneliness" and "a shipwreck of pain." As if that wasn't sunny enough, along comes this cheerful verse:

No-one needs a friend, no-one cares no more
They'll look hard at you but they won't take the chain off the door
O they work and slave, keep their conscience clean
They come home at night and they talk to an empty screen

How funny that I should hear that while writing about Screenshots of Despair, a Tumblog highlighting the many places in social media where there's no one else around with whom to socialize. Think you're something special because you're on Facebook? See how you feel when the site lets you know "you have no friend requests." The coldest entry so far? "The community you're looking for doesn't exist." Yeee-ouch.

"O why," ask the Thompsons, "Do we have to remain/The outcasts in love and the losers in gain?" Because the internet is harsh, that's why.

[via Trendhunter]