'Scoping' Hearings On Northern Pass This Month

Sep 6, 2013

Those who favor and oppose the Northern Pass project will get their chance to testify about it before federal officials at the end of the month as the U.S. Department of Energy holds public “scoping” hearings.

The hearings are required because Northern Pass filed an amended route in July, changing its route through a portion of Coos County.

The meetings are to gather comments and information as the DOE considers whether to grant Northern Pass a Presidential Permit.

That permit must be approved before Northern Pass and Hydro-Quebec can bring energy across the international border.

In 2011 the Department of Energy held seven hearings on the original Northern Pass Route.

The new meetings will be held:

1) Concord. Grappone Conference Center, 70 Constitution Avenue, Monday, September 23,  6-9 pm.

2) Plymouth, Plymouth State University, Silver Center for the Arts, Hanaway Theater,17 High Street, Tuesday, September 24,  5-8 pm.

3) Whitefield, Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa, Presidential Room, 101 Mountain View Road, Wednesday, September 25, 5-8 pm.

4) West Stewartstown, NH, The Outback Pub at The Spa Restaurant, 869 Washington Street, Thursday, September 26,  5-8 pm.