School Vouchers or Scholarship Tax Credits?

Mar 27, 2012

Today on the Exchange, we examine the controversy over education tax credits.  Under a proposal at the Statehouse, businesses could donate to private school scholarships,  and get a tax credit for doing so.  Supporters say it’s a way to help all students achieve, regardless of means, but opponents say it’s a back-door way to use public money for private-school vouchers.  We’ll look at this idea, and why it’s provoked so much debate.  


Mary Stuart Gile -  Democratic State Representative from Concord 

Gregory Hill - Republican State Representative of Northfield 

We'll also hear from...

Charlie Arlinghaus: President of the Josiah Bartlett Center, which has published a study called “Choosing to Learn:  Scholarship Tax Credit Programs in the United States and Their Implications for New Hampshire.”

Bill Duncan: member  of “Defending New Hampshire Public Education," an organization that formed in Sept. 2011 to address legislative initiatives on education.