'Run Warren Run' Campaign To Come To An End

Jun 2, 2015

Elizabeth Warren
Credit AP Photo

A movement to push Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to enter the presidential race will come to an end next week.

MoveOn.org and Democracy for America say the Run Warren Run movement will be suspended next Monday. The campaign began six months ago, though Warren has repeatedly insisted she isn’t running for president.

Organizers say the movement was successful in getting Democratic candidates in the race to focus on progressive issues such as income inequality.

“The Run Warren Run campaign has changed the conversation by showing that Americans are hungry for Elizabeth Warren’s agenda—an agenda that rejects the rigged status quo in Washington and puts working and middle-class Americans over corporate interests,” said Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action.

The campaign focused much of its efforts in New Hampshire, where organizers opened a field office, held rallies, and recruited local lawmakers.

The group says it will deliver 365,000 signatures they’ve collected backing a Warren presidential bid to her Washington, D.C. office next week.