Rubio: Running in N.H. Primary is an "Unbelievable Experience"

Nov 5, 2015

When Marco Rubio came into the Secretary of State’s office to file for the New Hampshire primary ballot Thursday – it wasn’t with quite the crowd that his fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump attracted a day earlier. But the Florida senator did bring his own entourage of supporters. 

Dozens of people holding "Rubio" signs filled the hallways of the State House, as they chanted the candidate's name.

Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, said being able to file for president is an “ unbelievable experience” for him. 

“To actually be here and aspire for the highest office of the land, when just two decades ago my father was standing behind a small portable bar behind the back of a banquet hall, is to me a testament to the greatness of America," he said. "It's why I’m running for president: because I want it to remain that kind of country where stories like that are possible for more people.”

After filling out the paperwork and handing over the required $1,000 check, Rubio then took questions from the press – most of which revolved around Trump. Trump has recently criticized Rubio for using a Republican Party credit card for personal expenses when he was speaker of the Florida House. 

“I find it ironic that the only person running for president that has ever declared bankruptcy four times in the last 25 years is attacking anyone on finances,” Rubio told reporters.

GOP businesswoman Carly Fiorina and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will also file on Thursday. Republicans Chris Christie and John Kasich will file the following day.