Room for Improvement on Energy Efficiency

Jul 5, 2012


How energy efficient is the Granite State? A new reports says not very, at least in terms of our buildings. Three years after Governor Lynch issued a Climate Action Plan, which included a call for more efficient homes and offices, UNH researchers find the state is way behind where it had hoped to be. We're examining what the problems are, as well as the prospects for future improvement.


Paul Morin, president of Tarkka Homes, Inc., former president of the Greater Manchester Home Builders Association, and a partner in The Abacus Group advocacy firm.

Dick Henry, executive director at the Jordan Institute, an environmental organization focused on green building.

Cameron Wake, a research associate professor at the institute for the study of earth, oceans, and space at the university of New Hampshire and author of a new environmental benchmark report from UNH.

We'll also hear from: 

Jim Lee, a seacoast relator at Ann Cummings and Jim Lee Realtors.

Ray D'Amante, developer and development lawyer with D'Amante Couser Pellerin and Associates.