Riding High Into N.H., Walker Pushes Back On Alleged Flip-Flops

Mar 14, 2015

Credit josh rogers/nhpr

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker arrived in New Hampshire preaching small government and working to rebut claims he’s changed his stances on key issues.

His surging popularity among Republicans was on full display in Concord.

Unions protested outside his speech; Republicans inside cheered as Walker called for tax cuts and “eradicating” terrorism.

“We need a commander-in-chief who stands up and once and for all says our biggest problem is radical Islamic terrorism and we are going to do whatever it takes to weed it out all over the world.”

Afterwards, Walker blamed GOP rivals for spreading claims he’s flip-flopped.

“The only major issue out there is immigration, and we listened to the people.”

Walker once favored allowing people here illegally to earn citizenship. He no longer does. Walker’s visit follows former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s arrival in N.H. yesterday.