In the RGB Project, You Really Can See Things in a Different Light

Oct 13, 2011

Colorful, isn't it? It's an art installation called RGB, and it's by Carnovsky, an art duo based in Milan.

RGB, of course, refers to the colors red, green and blue; TVs and computer monitors mix those three colors together to make most of the colors you see. Which brings me to the most interesting part of the installation: look at the piece again with a special set of light-filtering goggles, and you see an almost entirely different piece.

Each successive layer shows a different aspect of the whole. Some even play off each other - one RGB image has a skeleton on the red layer; on the green layer, in the same location, there's a set of muscles.

Carnovsky's website says RGB is "about the exploration of the surface's 'deepness.'" Right now it's installed in London, but if you want to dig deeper you can see some of the images on the web.

[via Presurfer]