Rev. Keith L. Magee: Race in America: Can We Talk?

Jun 15, 2015

With a charge in life to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, Keith Magee is an internationally sought after non-profit leader, speaker, and preacher. He is a Distinguished Senior Fellow of Social Justice and Poverty, University of Birmingham, England, and Visiting Scholar at Boston University.

In light of America’s #BlackLivesMatter movement this lecture will discuss how and if we can talk about race in contemporary America.  It will consider the historical construction of racism in America; reveal the systemic impact of racism on contemporary social processes.

It will engage in several questions: When does focusing on race make someone racist? What is white privilege, and why does it matter? Can Blacks be racist? How do we heal this disease for our children’s sake? The aim is to encourage dialogue towards rethinking race in America and to seek a common ground to realize a post-racial America.