Rethink 2014: Football

Jan 9, 2014

Despite lockouts, replacement referees, and a lawsuit to settle brain trauma-related lawsuits, America's passion for football remains in play. We continues our series Rethink 2014 with America's beloved pastime, football. We begin at the college level, where many professional football careers begin. Critics charge that  that the danger and violence inherent to the game have no place in academic institutions. NPR's program Intelligence Squared U.S. staged a debate on the topic of banning college football, and we play Malcolm Gladwell's opening statements in support of an outright ban. Then, we shift focus to the NFL, the world's most lucrative sports league.  Andy Kroll, Dark Money reporter for Mother Jones' makes the case for  ending the NFL's tax-exempt status

Credit Jared Wickerham/Getty Images