Residential Wells Near Seacoast Landfill Test Below State Threshold for PFCs

Jul 27, 2016


Residential water sources near a Superfund site on the Seacoast have tested below the state’s standard for perfluorichemicals - including PFOA. Earlier tests at the site showed PFCs at levels significantly higher than the state standard.

Sixteen residential wells near the former Coakley landfill were tested for perfluorichemicals following the discovery of those contaminants in monitoring wells at the landfill earlier this year. All of the residential wells tested showed PFC levels below the recently established state standard.

Jim Murpy is with the Environmental Protection Agency.

“It is good news for now, and we’re going to continue to do further work out at the landfill just to make sure we get a very clear idea of where the contamination is and isn’t.”

The former Coakley landfill is a federal Superfund site that received waste from the former Pease Air Force base, where PFCs have also been found.

A state task force on a pediatric cancer cluster in Rye is currently investigating the landfill as a potential factor.

Test results from other monitoring wells at the site are expected in the next few weeks.