A Republican Re-boot

Mar 28, 2013

The Grand Old Party recently released a sweeping report on strategies for the next big election.  It’s been described as a hard hitting manifesto for the GOP, addressing problems ranging from a failure to attract younger voters and minorities, to a major re-vamp of the way the party chooses its President nominee.  We’ll find out what Granite State Republicans and state political analysts think.


Steve Duprey - New Hampshire GOP committeeman. He was formerly the State Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, and a member of the RNC Executive Committee. He also served as a senior advisor to John McCain and traveled with him full time in 2007-2008. 

Jennifer Horn – New Hampshire GOP Chair. She is a former congressional candidate, and was active in Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Dean Spiliotes – Civic Scholar in the School of Arts and Sciences at Southern New Hampshire University and author of the popular website NHPoliticalCapital.com

You can read the full GOP report here.