Report: Campaign Finance Questions Banned At Guinta Town Hall Meeting

Jul 21, 2015

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Constituents were banned from asking 1st District Congressman Frank Guinta about his campaign finance issues during a town hall meeting in Plaistow last night.

WMUR reports a woman’s attempt to ask Guinta about the issue was cut off by the post commander at the American Legion hall where the event was being held.

Commander David Meaney told the woman she couldn’t ask any political questions because the American Legion is a non-political organization.

Despite that, Guinta went on to criticize the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran and raised concerns about the Affordable Care Act.

This was Guinta’s second town hall meeting since the Federal Election Commission found he accepted $355,000 in illegal campaign donations from his parents in 2010. Guinta was ordered to repay the money and paid a $15,000 fine.

Guinta has ignored calls Republican Party leaders to step down, and has said he plans on running for re-election.