Recovery Begins At Market Basket Stores

Sep 7, 2014

Credit Ella Nilsen / NHPR

Market Basket is looking to new customers as well as old as it begins its recovery from a six-week employee walkout and customer boycott.

Store managers of the New England supermarket chain say they are seeing a lot of new faces in the food aisles since the board of directors agreed to sell the company to its ousted leader, Arthur T. Demoulas.

Employees have been working around the clock to restock store shelves. Managers say they expect to be nearly fully stocked this weekend.

The walkout came after Demoulas was fired in June. Customers boycotted the stores to support the workers' efforts to get Demoulas reinstated.

Some analysts say media coverage of the protests will attract new customers. But others say the chain might struggle to bring back some of its old customers.