Question: What's The Longest Commute You'd Be Willing To Make For A Great Job?

Nov 21, 2013

As part of NHPR's news series, How We Work:  5 Years Later, we’re asking Granite Staters to weigh in with their thoughts about jobs and the economy.

A snowy commute in Waltham, MA
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Today's question: What's the longest commute you'd be willing to make for a great job?

"I'd go an hour or so, though as I get older, I am less willing to travel long distances in the winter." - Sherry, on Facebook

"It depends on the traffic." - William, Manchester

"I would commute 90 minutes to two hours for my dream job." - Kristy, Contoocook

"It depends on the type of transportation." - Gilbert, on Facebook

"Great job...single Mom. Hmmm. Unfortunately, given single Mom-dom, I'd only be willing to commute 30 minutes each way." - Anne, Concord

"15 minutes." -  Andrew, Thornton

"An hour." - Heidi, Goffstown

"I currently commute 60 miles each way, which equates to about an hour and 20 minutes to two hours, depending on traffic. But, I only do this three times a week!" - Jennifer, Sandown

"90 minutes each way if it were a 9-5 type gig. From Bedford I'd commute to Boston if I had to, which many do." -  Sean, Bedford

"The last time I was on a job hunt, I drew a circle with a 45-minute commute radius, giving my town Acworth the center point. Anything more than that and I'd be working for gas money only!" - Kat, Acworth

"If we had a train/subway mass transit, I could tolerate an hour. In the car, no more than 20-30 minutes. I'm extremely lucky that I currently work for a company based in Brooklyn, but work from my own office in Chesterfield, N.H." -  Eric, Chesterfield

"Never commute more than 30 minutes. Life is to freaking short." - David, Facebook

"Up to 35 miles or one hour each way from Groveland, Mass." - Doug, Facebook

"45 minutes." - Jack, New Boston

"Already doing it, 2 hours one way. Checked into personal aircraft...but they are too expensive!" - Hope, Facebook

"I once drove from Berlin, NH to Boston, MA for a part-time job, I wouldn't want to drive any further than that and if it were full time I'd move closer." - Roger, Facebook

"I do 2 hours one way for a 13-15 hour shift 2 or 3 times a week. It's much less fun in the winter...I listen to a lot of NPR on my commutes." - Deborah, Facebook

"A great job is one that doesn't require a long commute." - @RobertTanguay

Wednesday's question: What would you change about your job if you could?

One tweeter suggested an office pet would make her job even better.
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 "I'd do it all year round." - Ken (works in the ski industry), Bennington, N.H.

"I would add a stand-up desk to my office and get rid of the phones. And add an office pet!" - @melbamorph from Twitter

"Working at a public library, the main thing I'd love to change in our budget. There's so much we could do with a little more money, but unfortunately we rarely see budget increases." - Kris, Nashua

Dreaming of the day you'll be able to wake up and golf instead of work? Or do you not expect that at all?
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Tuesday's question: Are you planning to delay retirement and work more years than before the recession hit? If you're a younger worker, do you expect to work longer than your parents did?

"I don't question that I will be working longer than my parents. The question I struggle with is if it worth saving for retirement at all." -Philip

Monday's question:  Are you working the same job you were five years ago?  Why or why not?

"Same job for 34 1/2 years." Anne, Conway, NH

How many of these have you filled out in the last five years?
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  "No, but I'm in the job I want now." David, Brookline, NH

"No, I've at two since. I was laid off from my job of 13 years and spent one year working in Laconia and now three commuting to Mass." William, Merrimack, NH

"I sure do. Founded the (photography) studio in 2007 and never looked back." Kate, Londonderry

"I've owned by photo business since 2006. It may have changed locations, but I have always been working." Chris, Contoocook

"Five years and on month ago I lost the job that moved me to New England. I was unemployed for five months before I found  a job in Boston. I commute 1:45 each way." Joe, Nashua

"Yes, same job since 2007 at Fidelity." Beth, Milford