The Promised Land – Think Like A Bee: Marla Spivak

From turkey and stuffing to latkes to black-eyed peas, the holiday season seems to revolve around food. And this fall The Promised Land — public radio's Peabody Award-winning series about vision and leadership — takes an unexpected tack on the subject. With the ever-dynamic and much-acclaimed host Majora Carter, listeners visit interesting places and meet fascinating people who are approaching the matter of food in innovative ways: how it nourishes, how it creates communities and affects change, and how modern-day challenges influence today's food systems.  The Promised Land offers two one-hour specials for broadcast during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's.  Listener information is available at

  • Episode 1 – Think Like A Bee – Marla Spivak

    When you sit down at your holiday table, thank a bee. A third of the food on your plate is made possible by these pollinators, whose numbers are being decimated by disease and colony collapse disorder. But the bees have a champion in Marla Spivak, a University of Minnesota researcher and MacArthur "Genius" who thinks like a bee. Her intuitive approach — combined with scientific method — has given the world tremendous insight into these fascinating insects.