Portsmouth Bans 'Synthetic Toxic Pesticides' in Public Spaces

Sep 20, 2017

Credit Squirrel Flight via Flickr/Creative Commons: http://www.flickr.com/photos/squirrelflight/1355544138/in/photostream/

The Portsmouth City Council has banned the use of what it calls ‘synthetic toxic pesticides’ in public spaces, citing concerns about public health.

The new policy is largely aimed at weed killing chemicals the city sprays on sidewalks and streets.

Portsmouth city councilor Jim Splaine put forward the motion, which was approved Monday night.

“We may be tonight adopting New Hampshire’s first very clear and strong position against synthetic toxic pesticides. This is a step in the right direction.”

City officials say they already stopped using some chemicals like "Roundup" in 2015. Some scientists have argued the active ingredient in "Roundup" is a carcinogen.

While Portsmouth is believed to be the first community in the state to adopt such a policy, other cities around the country have enacted or debated similar measures.