Political Junkie Comes To N.H.: Pre-Election Check-In

Oct 2, 2014

Credit Allegra Boverman / NHPR

We're checking in with Ken Rudin for our monthly 'Political Junkie' show. We'll look at how the election season is progressing in New Hampshire, compared with other mid-terms around the country. 


  • Ken Rudin – host of The Political Junkie, a weekly radio show covering national, state, and local politics. He is an expert in U.S. politics and campaign history, and a former NPR political editor.


  • Here's Political Junkie's most recent podcast, which happens to feature NHPR's political reporter, Josh Rogers: In New Hampshire, Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has held a fairly comfortable lead for most of the year, and her polling has long shown her with favorable job numbers. But then how to explain new polls showing her in a dead heat against former Senator — former Massachusetts senator — Scott Brown? Josh Rogers of New Hampshire Public Radio gives us the lowdown.