Perry Plays Up Outsider Role

Nov 16, 2011

Texas governor Rick Perry is stumping in the state today.  The Republican presidential hopeful urged workers at a manufacturing plant in Manchester to put pressure on congress to change. 

Rick Perry has been targeting the Washington establishment in recent days.  He issued a plan to cut the salaries of senators and congressmen in half.  Asked how he would get congress to go along, he said the public would need to browbeat them into agreement.

Perry said the counties around DC are some of the wealthiest in the country.

“That’s because all those lobbyists, contractors and overpaid czars haven’t suffered one bit while you all have been fighting the fight out here with this recession that’s been going on.”

The plant where Perry spoke,  Granite State Manufacturing, is a defense contractor.  Perry said he has spent his career outside Washington politics and that now is the season for tearing down and rebuilding the federal government.