Perry Files For Primary

Oct 28, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry tells reporters he doesn't look at polls and plans to win here. NHPR's Josh Rogers reports.

 As he filed his candidacy Rick Perry touted his record on jobs as Texas Governor and brushed aside questions about his steep drop in the polls.

“I am here to win. I am here to talk to the people of NH about here how we get americans to back to work in, and you know granite staters get it.”

Perry several times flashed the postcard-sized tax form he rolled out earlier this week. He also jokes that he might actually become a good debater by the time the race is over. When asked if it was a mistake to raise the issue of President Obama’s birth certificate, Perry said he didn’t consider making fun of something a mistake. But added that he thinks the American people see the issue as a distraction, and that he agrees.