Performing Arts Center Proposal Put to Nashua Voters

Nov 6, 2017

Nashua aldermen rejected the $15.5 million proposal in September. But the question on Tuesday’s city ballot asks voters to decide whether lawmakers should reconsider.

The plan calls for building the roughly 600 seat theater and event center on Main Street where Alec’s Shoes Store used to be.

Nashua native David West is a longtime musician. He says this center will bring new energy to the city.

“Nashua is a place where you live, where you have a barbeque but if you want to have a good time and get entertainment you go elsewhere – you go to Boston, you go to the coast, you go up North or something and it’s really time that we broke this mold," West said.

Those opposed to the center say it should be built using private funds, not on the city’s dime.