Outlines Of Plan For PSNH Power-Plants Begin To Emerge

Sep 30, 2013

New Hampshire lawmakers say new leadership at Public Service of New Hampshire has brought a change of tone. For policy-makers this as a welcome development as they seek a solution to the steady bleed of customers from the state’s largest utility.

The Electricity Restructuring Oversight Committee plans to draft a bill that would the Public Utilities Commission to determine if selling PSNH’s power plants would save customers money. That solution has long been anathema to the company but the committee’s chair David Borden says there has been a marked change in PSNH’s tenor on the issue, to “a willingness to really work with us on the legislation that could enable PUC to go forth.”

But Borden also says it’s too soon to tell if this is a change in content as well.

Indeed, in an e-mail, a spokesman says there has been no change in PSNH’s position, which would mean the company would resist any effort to require the sale of its power plants.

Lawmakers say they are likely to put forward a bill that will ask for advice from the PUC, but will let the legislature make the final decision on selling the power plants or not. The committee will meet next on Wednesday, and will hear more from PSNH on that day.