O'Malley: New Hampshire-Style Campaigning Will Pay Off

Jul 27, 2015

Democrat Martin O’Malley is campaigning in New Hampshire’s North Country this morning, meeting with a group of Democrats in Berlin.

The former Maryland Governor says while he polls at just five percent in New Hampshire in a new NBC News/Marist College survey, he says that’s up from the one percent he had when he launched his campaign. “It’s my hope that if we continue to meet more and more people and make our case for an economy that works again for all of us, where wages go up instead of down, we’ll garner another five percent in the next forty days,” O'Malley says.

O’Malley says he plans to continue what he called traditional New Hampshire campaigning, such as house party events, to boost his profile and win support.

Another Democratic candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is set to return to New Hampshire on Tuesday.