Ohio Gov. John Kasich Tests Appeal In N.H.

Jun 4, 2015

Ohio’s Republican Governor and potential presidential candidate John Kasich stopped in Portsmouth Thursday to test his appeal with a handful of Seacoast Republicans. Kasich was the 10th presidential hopeful to luncheon with Renee Plummer and her politically active friends. Some consider Plummer the region’s most active Republican networker.

Kasich, a longtime congressman, former Fox TV host, and current Ohio governor, says he knows how to navigate Washington bureaucracy. And, he said – his administration would be sensitive to issues like mental illness and drug addiction. 

After his speech, Kasich asked for help.

"What I really would like to do is come over here some time and come to your home and invite your neighbors in and we can just have a free for all. I hope you're interested."

When Plummer asked for house party volunteers? Kasich seemed unsure.

"No, no, no, we're not taking any voting here right now."

Kasich has not yet said whether he’ll actually run for president. But he does say he’ll only run if he thinks he can win.