'Office' Fans Can Now Buy Dunder Mifflin Copy Paper

Originally published on November 29, 2011 12:16 pm
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And our last word in business today is comic value. The long-running NBC comedy series "The Office" is about a group of workers employed by a fictitious paper company.


'THE OFFICE' CAST: (Singing) Call Michael and Stanley, Jim, Dwight, Creed. Call Erin and Kelly for your business paper needs. Dunder Mifflin, the people person's paper people. Dunder Mifflin, the people person's paper people...

MONTAGNE: Fans of the show can now buy real Dunder Mifflin brand copy paper. The Wall Street Journal reports that an office supply website called Quill.com - it's part of the chain Staples - struck a licensing agreement with NBC to sell copy paper using the fictitious brand name - no longer fictitious. The packaging features quirky slogans from the show. The website calls it fun, functional paper for your office.

According to the Journal, sales of office copy paper are shrinking. Not funny for Quill, which is hoping paper from "The Office" will help sales.

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