NHPR Folk Show Playlist 1.21.18

Jan 21, 2018

Song/ Artist/ Album/ Label

A Thousand Grandmothers/ Animaterra Womens Chorus/ As Long As There's Singing There's Hope/ Animaterra

Power Of Women/ Montgomery Delaney/ Walking In The Light/ Montgomery Delaney

My Favorite Women/ Bob Franke/ The Other Evening in Chicago/ Waterbug Records

Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies/ Robin Greenstein/ Images of Women Vol II mastered/ Robin Greenstein

Women Say No/ Emma's Revolution/ Revolutions Per Minute/ Emma's Revolution

Aoife's/ Coleman's March/ Lissa Schneckenburger/ Lissa Schneckenburger/ Lissa Schneckenburger

Ordinary Women And Men/ Don White/ The Best Of Don White 1992-2009/ Don White

I'm Gonna Be An Engineer/ Peggy Seeger/ Live/ Appleseed Records

Women Planting Trees/ David Roth/ So Far, So Good/ Wind River

Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness/ Nanci Griffith/ Other Voices, Other Rooms/ Elektra

Mama's Hand/ Lynn Morris/ O Sister! The Women's Bluegrass Collection/ Rounder

Shepherd's March ;Maggie Cameron/ Richard Thompson/ Watching The Dark/ Hannibal

God's Gift To Women/ Claudia Schmidt/ Spinning/ Claudia Schmidt

American Women/ Four Bitchin' Babes/ Diva Nation/ Hem and Haw

I Ain't Marching Anymore/ Phil Ochs/ I Ain't Marching Anymore/ Elektra

The Great Peace March/ Holly Near/ And Still We Sing: The Outspoken Collection / Calico Tracks

Saints Go Marching In/ The Lilly Brothers & Don Stover/ The Lilly Bros & Don Stover: Bluegrass at the Roots, 1961/ Smithsonian Folkways

Abalone Town/ Emily Kurn/ I'm Just Like You/ Emily Kurn

Spider And The Fly/ Harvey Reid/ In Person / Woodpecker Records

Games People Play/ Dick Gaughan/ A Different Kind Of Love Song/ Appleseed Records

I Don't Want to Love You/ Susie Burke And David Surette/ Waiting For The Sun/ Madrina Music

Ain't Life A Brook/ Greg Brown & Bill Morrissey/ Friend Of Mine/ Philo

Splendid Isolation, The Commodore/ Flynn Cohen/ Dead String Rhythm/ Aniar Records

I Heard the Bluebirds Sing/ April Verch/ The Newpart/ Slab Town Records

Jordan Is A Hard Road/ The Hardtacks/ Global Banjar/ The Hardtacks

I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound (Featuring Schooner Fare)/ Makem And Spain/ Sessions, Vol. I/ Red biddy

In Studio Visit: Emerald Rae/  

Till No One Is Free/ The Steel Wheels Wild As We Came Here/ Big Ring Records

Wild Rose of the Mountain/ Bradford Bog People/ People of the Bog/ Bradford Bog People