N.H. Town Officials Weigh Postponing Weekend Meetings, Events Early

Feb 7, 2013

Officials in Granite State cities and towns are checking weather forecasts today, as they decide whether to postpone events this weekend due to the impending snow storm.

Londonderry is one of several towns scheduled to hold a deliberative session this weekend. It’s part of the annual town meeting process.

Londonderry School District Business Administrator Peter Curro says a decision about whether to postpone the town’s school deliberative session will be made Friday morning.

“We want to just wait for the night. You never know sometimes. The storm could blow out. I doubt it is, but if you’ve lived in New England as long as we have, that happens once in a while.”

The town has already canceled after-school activities for Friday and all school-related activities for Saturday. Curro says a decision about whether to hold school Friday will be made tomorrow morning.

So far, no school districts have made announcements about cancelling school for Friday.

Deliberative sessions are scheduled in several other towns for this weekend. Announcements about postponements are typically posted on town websites.