N.H. State Prison Not Allowing Greeting Cards For Inmates

Apr 14, 2015


Credit Photo by Jackie Finn-Irwin via Flickr Creative Commons

State prison officials are prohibiting inmates from receiving greeting cards, decorative postcards or stationery with drawings and stickers under a new policy meant to clamp down on the influx of drugs.

The Concord Monitor reports the policy goes into effect May 1.

Plain stationery and postcards with content written in pencil or ink will be allowed. Tourist postcards or those with designs or pictures of any kind will not. Envelopes are removed before written content is given to inmates.

Jeff Lyons, New Hampshire Department of Corrections spokesman, said there's been an increase in attempts to smuggle in hard-to-detect drugs like suboxone, which is sold as a thin film and can be easily concealed by stamps or other decorations.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it is reviewing the policy.