N.H. Robotics Education Fund Receives 'Overwhelming' Number of Applications from Schools

Oct 4, 2017

Credit Ryan Johnson / Flickr CC

The New Hampshire Department of Education says it has received an overwhelming number of applications for a new robotics grant program.

The department says nearly 100 schools have applied for the newly created New Hampshire Robotics Fund, which gives schools a financial boost to launch robotics teams.

Shannon McCracken teaches science, technology, and art at Farmington High School. She says the grant would offer new opportunities for her students.

“We’ll be using physics and math and science for the electronics and art for the logo design and a lot of personal skills, too. So the kids will all have to do a little bit of each of those things whether or not they know it.”

The applications have already exceeded the total dollar amount of the Robotics Fund, but in a statement, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut says federal funding will help to cover the costs. 

The deadline for schools to apply has been extended to November 15th.