N.H. Lawmakers Fight to Get State Job Back For Single Mom

Nov 7, 2017

New Hampshire lawmakers are pushing for a 31-year-old single mom in Manchester to get her state job back. 

A few weeks ago, Alycia Neely was promoted in her job at the Sununu Youth Center. But then she was fired, after she was arrested for driving with a loaded  gun in the car, when she was taking her kids and friends to an event off the clock.

She was charged with endangering a child but that charge was dropped soon after the arrest.

Republican Rep. Jess Edwards of Auburn is one of about 40 lawmakers who’ve been trying to help Neely.

“To terminate her for the exercise of her constitutional right just seemed on its face completely unjust and needs to be rescinded. I think she needs to be rehired, and she needs to get her back pay," Edwards said.

Neely said she carried a gun because she used to be in an abusive relationship. The N.H. Attorney General’s Office is currently reviewing her termination.