N.H. Lawmakers to Address Election Laws to Staffing Shortages at DCYF

Feb 6, 2017

New Hampshire lawmakers face a stack of bills this week ranging election law, drug policy and child protection policies.

There are nearly a dozen bills on the Legislature's agenda this week aimed at re-writing the state's voting laws: one requires a 13-day residency requirement before voting in New Hampshire, another sets aside money to hire a state elections investigator.

There will also be a public hearing on whether the state should open up a needle exchange program for drug users. As of now – New Hampshire is the only New England state without such a program.

There's also a proposal to add more social workers at the state's division of child protection. A recent outside review of that agency pointed to long-term staffing shortages as a severe problem.

A Special Committee, formed in response to that report, will have its first meeting Wednesday.