N.H. Lawmaker Pushes for Drone Regulations ... Again

Dec 27, 2017

A Republican state lawmaker who has tried for years to regulate drones in New Hampshire will try again in 2018.

For four years, Rep. Neal Kurk of Weare has tried without success to get drone regulations on the books. Proposals have cleared the House in the past but fallen short in the Senate.

The biggest obstacle Kurk says has been commercial aircraft lobbyists who don’t want restrictions on where drones can fly.

That’s why next session’s bill aims to only regulate public and not private drone owners.

“I think this bill meets the needs of individuals – their protections from inappropriate government activity yet allows the government to use drones in a positive way to help all of us," Kurk said.

Under the measure, drones would be restricted from flying near prisons. Law enforcement and government agencies could also not use a drone to survey or take photos of individuals without a warrant unless in an emergency.