N.H. Judges Could Soon Serve Longer on the Bench

Dec 27, 2017

Judges in New Hampshire may soon get a few more years on the bench.

Under the state constitution, judges are forced to retire at age 70.

Not long ago the Chief Justice of the state’s Supreme Court Linda Dalianis announced she was retiring reluctantly, because of the age limit. Justice Carol Ann Conboy had to step down for the same reason last year.

Senator Sharon Carson chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. She’s sponsoring a measure next legislative session that would increase the retirement age for judges to 75.  She says it’s high time to change the old law.

“This is a couple of hundred years old and society has changed and many people are living very good, active lives after the age of 70," Carson said.

Changing the law requires a 3/5’s vote from both the House and Senate and then a 2/3’rds majority from voters.