In N.H., Jeb Bush Touts Record On Education: 'I Was All In. I Never Let Up'

May 21, 2015

Jeb Bush in Bedford on Wednesday.
Credit Kate Harper for NHPR

Republican Jeb Bush is back in New Hampshire.

The likely presidential candidate told an audience in Bedford that the GOP field has a lot of talkers but he’s delivered results.

At the Bedford home of BAE Systems executive and former Republican Congressional candidate Rich Ashooh, Bush stressed his efforts to bring greater choice and accountability to Florida’s education system as that state’s governor, telling voters it was emblematic of his approach to leadership.

“I was all in. I never let up. I fought these people all the way through, whether it was the bureaucrats, or the teachers unions, and that’s what we need in Washington, D.C.," he said. "Put aside, whether its education; it could be health care, it could be transportation, it could be the EPA, it could be a whole range of things – what we need now are leaders who will solve a whole range of problems.”

Bush said he supported extending the Patriot Act and called for entitlement reform. He said the climate is changing but said it was arrogant to suggest science is settled on the percentage attributable to human activity. He also said the only place he could think of to expand government spending is the military.