N.H. Inspection Stickers About to Get a Makeover

Aug 1, 2017

Starting in October, those annual New Hampshire car inspection stickers will have a new place on your vehicle.

Currently, these stickers are displayed right in the center of the windshield – just below the rearview mirror.

That’s going to change to the lower left corner on the driver’s side.

Larry Crowe of the New Hampshire DMV said the move was in reaction to the new technology we’re seeing in the rear-view mirrors of newer car models - things like crash avoidance tools and back up cameras.

“This is just something that will happen at your regular inspection time – nobody needs to go out and have it moved at all," Crowe said.

Crowe said he doesn’t expect this change to have any impact on the cost of car inspections for New Hampshire residents.

The stickers will also look different. Both the month and year of expiration will now be printed on them and they'll have new security features as well such as a hologram backer. Motorcycles; however, will continue to use the current inspection stickers.