N.H. Fish And Game Warns Against Feeding Bears

May 18, 2014

Credit Casey Brown / Flickr Creative Commons
New Hampshire's state bear expert says good-hearted but irresponsible residents are "loving the animals to death.''   Fish and Game officials discovered four sites in Stoddard, North Conway and Bethlehem where residents have resumed feeding black bears despite previous warnings to stop.   Biologist Andrew Timmins says two bears had to be killed in North Conway because they had become so accustomed to human food, they were breaking into cars. While warnings have worked in the past, what Timmins calls the "sensible approach'' isn't working as well this year, and the Fish and Game Department has issued three court summonses that could result in $1,000 fines.    He says those who feed bears mean well but are putting the animals they love in harm's way.