NH Conservatives Defend Perry Speech

Nov 4, 2011

Jennifer Horn, House Speaker William O'Brien, and Kevin Smith call press conference to tell media to stop reporting "innuendo" about Rick Perry's speech to Cornerstone Action. NHPR's Josh Rogers reports.

Footage of Rick Perry at the Cornerstone Action dinner has become a viral sensation on youtube. An edited version -- 8 minutes from a 25 minute speech, highlighting Perry’s most animated moments -- has racked up well over a million hits, and fueled speculation, denied by Perry, that he delivered his remarks while intoxicated. NH conservatives Jennifer Horn, Kevin Smith and William O’Brien backed Perry up at a news conference. They urged reporters to resist what they termed innuendo and gotcha games, and insisted Perry’s speech went over well with the conservative crowd for whom it was intended. House Speaker Bill O’Brien.

 “I sat there thinking we need to see more of this Governor Perry if he’s going to move his campaign forward.”

O’Brien, Horn and Smith all say they are neutral in the 2012 primary, and say their press conference was not coordinated with Rick Perry’s campaign, but the campaign was told it was being held.