N.H. Can Now Celebrate the 4th With Firecrackers

Jul 4, 2017

If this Fourth of July is sounding noisier to you, you’re not wrong. This is the first Fourth of July in more than a decade that people can legally buy firecrackers in New Hampshire.

"Fireworks Over the Border” in Seabrook is located across from the beach and just a few feet from the Massachusetts border where fireworks are illegal…so the business gets a lot of foot traffic.

But this year employee Greg Rizzo says they got to add one more item to their supply: firecrackers. And they sell six different kinds of them. So far this holiday weekend, they’ve sold dozens.

“Makes us a little bit more competitive with the other states around that have firecrackers legal like Maine. So folks won’t necessarily go to Maine for a product and then buy other fireworks,” Rizzo said.

Firecrackers make a loud cracking sound. They’re legal in more than 20 states nationwide.