At N.H. Campaign Stop, Rubio Says He's Disappointed in SCOTUS Decision on ACA Subsidies

Jun 25, 2015

While campaigning for the GOP Presidential nomination in Exeter, New Hampshire Thursday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio said he’s disappointed in the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold part of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. 

The Supreme Court’s decision will allow people who live in New Hampshire, as well as Senator Rubio’s home state of Florida and 32 other states, to keep their subsidies for healthcare plans purchased through But Rubio says he disagrees with the court’s decision on the law, which he says is deeply flawed.

"You have a lot of people out there today receiving Obamacare coverage through a subsidized exchange who, when they get to the hospital, are being hit with a $4,000 bill because they have a high deductible," he says. 

The Republican Presidential Candidate says a better approach would be to allow Americans to buy health insurance across state lines—a plan that Rubio says he’s still working on.