The New State Budget's in Effect, But Contract for State Workers Remains Unresolved

Jul 10, 2017

Credit NHPR Staff

The new state budget may be in effect, but one issue still unresolved is a contract for state employees. Governor Sununu says he’d welcome a deal but it may not happen.

Negotiations between the Sununu administration and the five unions representing state workers haven’t been easy. 

There was the complaint that Sununu’s negotiating team violated labor standards when it stopped bargaining with two union over wage and benefits issues. There was also the matter of Sununu pushing for a right to work law earlier this year.

Sununu says he wants a contract, but isn’t banking on one.

"Those doors are still open. At some point we probably need to just defer back to the previous contract, which, again, I offered a much better deal. But at some point we need to move on. We can’t be hung up in stalled negotiations for ever."

The Governor’s original budget proposal set aside money enough to cover current state employee benefits. Unions want pay raises. Sununu offered one to corrections workers, while seeking to limit overtime pay.

Until a deal is reached, state workers will see no change in their salary or other benefits.