New Hampshire's Standardized Test Scores Are In

Nov 1, 2011

The New Hampshire Department of Education put out an analysis of the latest round of National standardized test results Today.

NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown reports that New Hampshire schools still rank among the best in the country.

Not much has changed  since the last National Assessment of Educational Progress – or NAEP – tests were conducted

New Hampshire fourth graders continue to rank third in the nation, and eighth graders rank eighth.

The DOE’s Tim Eccleston says that New Hampshire students are doing well across the board.

Eccleston: Some states have a difficult time with students with disabilities and New Hampshire that’s really where we’re doing so well.

Eccleston also noted that while the performance of some non-white students declined, the drop was less severe than in most other states.

For NHPR News, I’m Sam Evans-Brown

The full Department of Education report can be found here