In New Hampshire, O'Malley Says He'll Bring 'New Leadership' To 2016 Field

May 31, 2015

Democrat Martin O’Malley started the New Hampshire portion of his 2016 presidential bid with a stop for ice cream at the Goldenrod restaurant in Manchester.

The former Maryland governor has been traveling to early voting states a day after launching his 2016 presidential bid in Baltimore.

Speaking Sunday afternoon, O’Malley characterized himself as a progressive alternative to frontrunner Hillary Clinton, and said his executive experience shows he can get that agenda passed.

“I made college more affordable; I made my state better," O'Malley said. "[I] passed marriage equality, passed the DREAM Act. And that’s what we need to do as a country, include more of our people more fully in the economic and social life of our nation.”

O'Malley added that he saw income inequality as a major hurdle for families realizing the American dream, and that his goal was to bring more fairness to the economy. “That means raising the minimum wage; making it easier, not harder for people to collectively bargain; reforming immigration; and making the investments that only we can make in improving our childrens’ education and infrastructure,” he said.

O’Malley joins Hillary Clinton and Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic nomination. To address his low name recognition among voters, he said he plans to campaign heavily in early primary and caucus states.