New Hampshire Lawmaker Wants To Consider Russian Liquor Ban

Jan 10, 2017



Jeff Woodburn
Credit Allegra Boverman

If one New Hampshire lawmaker has his way, it might become difficult to find Russian vodka in the state's liquor stores.

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn on Monday proposed a bill that would establish a bipartisan commission to consider ways the state could respond to what he calls "Russian interference in our democracy."

The legislation suggests the state could suspend or ban the sale of Russia-made liquor at stores operated by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission and require that Old Man on the Mountain bottles contain American liquor, not Russian liquor. The bottles have images of the Old Man of the Mountain, a granite face-like profile that crumbled to the ground nearly 15 years ago.

The bill calls on the commission to reconsider state retirement system investments in Russian companies.

Russia has denied hacking into U.S. systems.