Nevada Moves Caucus to February 4th

Oct 22, 2011

January 10 New Hampshire primary now looks likely. NHPR's Josh Rogers reports.

Nevada is bowing to pressure from national party leaders by moving its caucus from January 14th to February 4th. Before the date change, NH was threatening to hold its 2012 presidential primary in December of this year. Steve Duprey, a NH delegate to the RNC, says getting Nevada officials to push back the caucus wasn’t easy.

"It was extensive discussion that allowed us to get there and Rience Priebus the national chairman was very involved – and that’s a great result."

 NH state law requires its presidential primary be held 7 days before any similar election. Some presidential candidates threatened to boycott the Nevada contest if it took place in January. The state also faced losing delegates at the GOP’s nominating convention. NH’s primary is now likely to take place January 10th.