National Transportation Safety Board Report On Littleton Tour-Bus Crash

Jan 24, 2012

The National Transportation Safety Board has concluded its investigation into the crash of a tour bus in Littleton last year saying no action is required.

The crash occurred on March 21stand involved a tour bus carrying 23 Korean tourists, a guide and a driver. It was coming from Canada and was headed for Boston.

The NTSB report found the bus was delayed at the border for about four hours because one passenger lacked the proper documents. By the time it headed south a snowstorm moved into the area and the interstate was covered with snow.

The driver lost control on Interstate 93 in Littleton and the bus overturned, seriously injuring five people.

The NTSB report said just before the crash the passengers in the bus estimated the vehicle was going 40 to 50 miles per hour while the driver claimed “the vehicle was almost stopped when it slid off the highway.”

The driver had not been drinking alcohol or using drugs, according to tests.

The safety agency said it investigated the accident as part of its ongoing concern over tour-bus safety and found nothing that required additional action. The investigation was closed last July but there was no public announcement at the time. Typically it takes about a year for such a report. An NTSB spokesman found the report at NHPR’s request.