Nashua Weighing $20+ Million Downtown Performing Arts Venue

Oct 8, 2014

Officials in Nashua are considering plans for a new downtown performance arts venue. Architectural drawings call for a multi-level theater one block from Main Street that seats 1,400 and includes a 500-car parking garage and space for a restaurant. 

The city held a public hearing on the proposal Tuesday.

Sarah Marchant, who directs Nashua’s community development division, says the project would cost around 22-point-five million dollars, but she says the city doesn’t intend to foot that entire bill.

"The intent is absolutely, and as is mirrored around the state, and other institutions such as the Palace Theater or the Capital Center for the Arts, this needs to come from the community and be in partnership. "

City officials have long explored ways to revitalize the downtown arts scene. Plans to refurbish an existing theater proved too costly. Marchant says the proposal is a catalyst to get the conversation started and develop interest from private donors.